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Presentation of the book

Editions: 7 Written
423 pages
Date: June 1, 2014
Price: 24.90€


You will find in this book the entire 2012-13 season, Division 1 international competitions.
For D1, all days are detailed composition of the teams, scorers, referees, ... , numbers , statistics .

D2 scorers with day by day and staff

The Interregional Championship, with goalscorers day by day

The National Challenge U19 with all scorers day by day, the staff and the final detailed

French Cup with all the scorers and the specifications of the final. The winners of the competition with the technical specifications of all final.

Teams of France, with specs of all meetings of the season

Champions League with all scorers

Championships and University UNSS

Foreign championships , with some , the scorers day by day and staff
International competitions (Olympic Games , European Championship Africa Cup Tournament, Cyprus , Algarve Cup, ... )

A final chapter to present all players Championships France D1 , D2, Inter , U19 with detailed each player.


Where to find the book


The book is on sale in all FNAC. It can also be found in some bookstores.

It is possible to order it in all bookshops giving all the references (name of the book: ALL ON FOOT TO FEMALE Season 2012/13, the name of the author: Christophe RINGAUD, and the name of the publishing house: 7 Ecrit).

One can also order it directly on the site of the publisher on the following link:





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